Virsa Foundation in collaboration with Sonay Gabroo Punjab De, is a non profitable organization committed to teaching the youth of our diverse community cultural ethics and ideals. This mission is successful through the teachings of bhangra, giddha, and dhol. Bhangra has overwhelmingly grown and developed into a new identity in the past decade. Bhangra has become a part of many lives through active participation and support. Our goal is to take hold of this positive energy and give back to the community. The members of Virsa Foundation are strong believers in bringing people together from other cultural backgrounds through the love of music and dance. Our foundation was founded in 2008 and we have consistently kept our goals central to our work by only participating in those activities which can be beneficial to the communities as a whole. The tremendous help and support received by our community members and leaders has enabled us to grow rapidly in a very short period of time. Our mission will not stop as long as the beat of the dhol is in the hearts of all.

Virsa Foundation and Sonay Gabroo Punjab De are ecstatic to announce the launch of our first ever competition. Toronto Bhangra Youth Festival is the building block of our success and is just the beginning of our tradition. This competition will commence with the help and support of the Virsa Foundation Family and our sponsors. The stage will be set for all to showcase their different styles of bhangra and choreography along with keeping the traditional elements in mind. We take pride in knowing that every team that applies is given the same opportunity to compete based on general requirements. This competition will differ from its competitors in numerous ways such as providing judges with tape recorders to help in their decision making process. The goal of this competition is to show the vast amount of talent within North America celebrating both modern and traditional bhangra. The venue set for this competition is the gorgeous Living Arts Centre in the heart of Mississauga. This venue has held world renowned dance competitions and we will definitely be a part of that great list. With the help of our supporters and all who attend we wish for this competition to be a role model for others and to be fun and exciting for all. In the end we are all winners for bringing people together to present the love we have for our beautiful culture.